What We Believe

We believe Jesus to be the Son of God, the Messiah and Saviour of the World, as promised by God in the Old Testament and spoken in the New Testament. We believe in His incarnation, sinless life, death, resurrection, ascension and future return; and that in Him alone is to be found mankind’s salvation. We believe that the Holy Spirit is changing us the way God wants us to be and equips us with gifts for His service. We also believe Jesus Christ to be the only true Head of His Church. This society (or body) consists of all those who HHmtghave been born of the Holy Spirit and experience new life in Christ.

We recognise we are just a part of God’s family in Christ which extends throughout the world and which spans every generation of man. By God’s grace we seek to be an expression of that world-wide family here in the locality, along with other local Christian congregations.

Christian Fellowship is therefore more a description than a title. As those who live mainly in Richmond and the surrounding area we share our lives together because we belong to Christ. The strength of our relationship with each other is the result of each personally having faith in Jesus Christ, and the subsequent transformation He brings about in our lives. It is faith in Jesus that makes all the difference both individually and together.